Friday, October 30, 2015

Here we go......Application Day!

The Journey Begins......Adoption Application Day!

I confess....I could not sleep last night.  The excitement, the anticipation, and well a bit of nervousness and anxiety.  We have been working toward adoption for several years and here we are ready to fill out the adoption application and take that leap of faith, a leap into the unknown.

I have read enough to know that this journey can be full of excitement and anticipation but it can also be a difficult journey filled with mountains of paperwork, red tape, unexpected expenses, amongst a host of other difficulties and struggles along the way and those are just the struggles leading up to the day you meet your child for the first time in the orphanage.

The journey leading up to this day has not been an easy one and I don't anticipate smooth sailing from here on out either, but, I do have the comfort in knowing who it was that led us to this journey and knowing that God is watching over us gives me a lot of comfort as we walk this long road to building our family.

Grateful for the little things

How silly it is that a little stick can cause so much heartache....but it does!  I am just grateful that I won't ever have to see another one of these again!   From my perspective, these are of the devil!  I know we are embarking on a new journey that will be filled with its own challenges but today, just for today, in this moment, I am grateful that this stick will have NO more power over me!  

You may think it strange or even silly that I would make such a fuss over the day we fill out our adoption application.  I know, go ahead pull out your worst judgment or criticism...I'm used to it!  You have not walked in my shoes, you have not been on the journey I have been on, you have not cried a billion tears over the heartache of infertility, you have not felt the tugging at your heart that your family was not complete and felt utterly helpless to do anything about it.  You have not been to the dark places I have been so you may never understand why I would make a fuss over a simple adoption application....but, for me, in my heart I am rejoicing!

Pondering over Special Needs Profiles

As we begin the adoption application process today....we are also looking over the profiles on the special needs list.  It is HARD...we have already found 4 children that if we had the money to do so, we would take them all!  You look into their little faces, read of their challenges of being abandoned at birth, found in the streets and it breaks your heart.  I wish I could just bring them all home....but unfortunately we can't :-(

So we begin the difficult process of choosing just one.....maybe two of them if we can raise enough money to do so.  

When we are matched with a child I will update you with the child's photo so you can see the child that you will be helping us bring home!

Thank you for all your support,

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