Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Adoption, Paper Chase and Being Matched........

International Adoption Paper Chase & Being Matched

When I heard about the MOUNDS of paperwork that must be done for an adoption....I thought, we´ve purchased almost a dozen houses, I am familiar with paperwork and signing documents.... LOL.

I had NO idea what I was talking about :-D

We have been running around like crazy getting background checks, fingerprinted, passports, birth certificates, letters of recommendation, marriage licenses, every single document notarized.....Yes the nice man at my local bank knows us by name now.  He greets us and says, Hello Hartles what do you need notarized today!  Iḿ not joking.

The adoption paper chase is unlike anything you've ever seen.  We were blind sided when our social worker asked my husband for his letter of release from his mission.  He came home in 1996!  We have NO idea where that would be.   We must have background checks in every state and country we have lived in since we were 18 years old, that includes Japan where my husband served his mission.  Despite the mounds of paper work we are now ready to send in our first set of documents for authentication to the U.S. government and the Chinese government....whew!

I have a Big Adoption Secret...

I will confess the majority of our family has NO idea that we are adopting.  The only ones that know are my mother in law, my parents, my sister and my husbands twin brother.  

But that isn't the secret.......

We have been matched with a child!  We have been filling out the paperwork and have paid the fee to be matched with our child.  Our family has NO idea!   The way in which we realized that this child was ´The One¨ is absolutely nothing short of a miracle.  We are trying to figure out how to tell our family and how to surprise them with the identity of the child we have been matched with.

We want it to be a fun experience, but we also want them to understand the story behind how we realized this was our child.   It has been really hard to keep it a secret!  I have wanted to tell my mom and my sister SO many times, but I haven´t.  When we do the surprise I will post a video :-)

First Homestudy Visit Tomorrow

This is one thing that prevented me from wanting to adopt for years....the dreaded homestudy.  I probably worried more about it than I should.  We have a wonderful, loving family but being an introvert means that I really don´t like people all up in my business if you know what I mean.  I am feeling peace about it today, lots and lots of prayer helps so much.   I will post about how the homestudy went in the next few days.  I am really hoping this won´t end up feeling like a police interrogation where you are deemed guilty until proven innocent.  

Doctor Evaluation Appointment

We paid for a specialist in International Adoption to review our child´s medical file and all of her videos to have an expert opinion on her.  This is just one more way to try and minimize medical surprises.  We are prepared for the prospect of the unexpected and know that nothing can prevent it but I believe it is good to be prepared and to do what you can to know as much as you can about the child you are adopting.

We have an appointment at 7am in the morning with the specialist who will review the file with us and give us her assessment of the child.  Notice how I am avoiding giving away whether it is a boy or a girl :-)  Yep,  I am sneaky like that.   Things are moving right along and hopefully by tomorrow we will be officially matched and then we will be off on vacation for my sons football tournament.

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