Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Another milestone in our adoption story.....

Another Adoption Milestone and a bump in the road

I realize that anyone who has completed an international adoption will probably laugh at our first little bump in the road, because I'm sure there are many more to come.   But, before I mention that I want to say that our next milestone was.....The acceptance of our application...YAY!

We are not official yet....the homestudy is the big kahuna, that is what we really need to get finished to be official in the adoption world but we are scheduling it, we are one our way....

Okay, so what was the bump in the road.  We decided to get our passports now, so we put together all of our documents and headed to the County office building.  We filled out the applications and when she asked for my I.D. I looked in my purse and noticed that my wallet was missing!  What?   My husband was able to apply for his passport but I would have to come back the next day.  :-P

I took my daughter with me today, we parked and walked into a building and I kept saying I didn't recognize it, we asked a woman and she said we needed to go to the building across the street.  We walked over to the building across the street and I said, this doesn't look familiar either...but we kept walking up the stairs only to realize that once again we were in the wrong building!  Well the third building was the charm!  I was able to get my passport today.  One more small step........

This little story may not be funny to those who don't know me well but my daughter and my husband really got a kick out of it.   I am sure this will probably be the smallest inconvenience of our whole journey and we really found it amusing more than anything.

We filled out our homestudy application as well as our agency contract today.   My husband has a business client in the area where our homestudy agency is and so he is going to make the hour and a half drive directly to the home study agency and hand deliver the application with the check.   I can't wait until the home study is DONE!

The Homestudy

Okay, so I realize I am a total newbie at this whole adoption/home study deal but essentially this is exactly how I feel about the home study!!  I know they say they aren't here to judge you but for some reason I feel really scared, which is probably silly since I am the most harmless person on the planet.  I just want to get that part over with so I can breathe a sigh of relief.

We will be scheduling our home study tomorrow......fingers crossed it isn't anything like I fear it will be.....

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