Friday, December 18, 2015

Homestudy Approved....ready to send in our I-800a

Christmas Gift for Hubby.....Home-study Approved!

I am sure many of you saw the picture of the craft room that we are turning into little ¨M¨s bedroom.  I have been so amazed that Hubby has been obsessed with getting it ready.  He spent hours taking off the wallpaper border, painted the whole room in white with paint block so we could test colors on it without the color underneath altering the colors.  

As I noticed him working so hard in the evenings I realized, he is not very patient when it comes to waiting for anything outside of his control, waiting for this homestudy to be approved has probably been driving him CRAZY!  I realized he felt like he had to do something, he couldn´t just sit around and not do anything, so he has been working on her bedroom.  I can´t complain, I get the added bonus of a hubby willing to work hard on a honey do list.... :-)

Craft Room Before Picture.....

Don´t judge...I know my craft table is means I´ve been working hard ;-)  

This will be little ¨M¨s bedroom, hubby has already removed the wallpaper border and painted the whole room white.  We just picked up sample cans of paint that we think will look cute and we are going to paint them on the walls and baseboards and see if we like them in the room.

It really does feel good to be able to do SOMETHING...while we sit and wait and wait and wait.  It is so hard to be patient.  At this point there is really nothing we can do,  once it is all sent in to the government it is just a big waiting game....I am not a very patient person either so this is not going to be easy.  Distracting ourselves with decorating her bedroom is a great project.  I am also designing a special knitted or crocheted blanket with her name and the saying ¨You are my Sunshine¨ on it.  I can´t decide if I want to knit it or crochet....Hmmmm decisions, decisions......  I will post pictures when I am done.

An Updated Picture of ¨Little M¨

She loves pretty dresses, doesn´t she look adorable!  I was so excited when I found a bunch of pictures of her on her orphanages facebook page, I went back through the last 2 years of pictures and found all of the ones of her.  I know it will be important to her to know where she came from and to have a scrapbook of her life and so I am trying to find all the pictures I can put together for her.

I know that she won´t be able to see the pictures, but I will be able to describe them to her and create a story for her of where she came from and the experiences she had based on the pictures I have of her.  It creates continuity and a story of her life that she can be told so the more pictures I have the better I can help her keep those memories.  I have quite a collection of pictures now, I am having them printed and will start a scrapbook....that ought to be interesting being that I am terrible at scrapbooking but I will try my best.

Loving Freecycle!!!

We need so many things for her bedroom and she will need a whole wardrobe of clothes when she gets here, she will only have the clothes on her back and a little backpack when we pick her up!  It has been difficult to find anyone with hand-me-down clothes and so I turned to freecycle!  SCORE!  

I was able to find a whole bag of size 8 clothes and all I had to do was go pick it up!  She is only a size 5 or 6 right now but I figure it can´t hurt to have some clothes a little big, little ones grow so fast!  I have been looking for a bed, mattress, clothes, shoes......anything I can find for her.  We found an old dresser we can needs some TLC but hopefully it will work.  We want the drawers to open easily for her so it isn´t difficult so weĺl see if this one works, if not we will hopefully find something at the D.I. or somewhere else that will work better.

I read somewhere that the I-800a was taking 3 weeks, Dave read it was taking 6 weeks....oh the horrible wait!  People keep asking us when we will be going to pick her up......Trust me, I want to know even more than you do!  I wish I knew!

Well, off to send the I-800a and pray that it doesn´t take 6 weeks!

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