Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sharing Pictures of our Sweet Angel in China

Pictures of our Sweet Little Girl in China

I know many of you have been following our adoption journey and I thought you may enjoy seeing more pictures of this sweet little girl we are so impatiently waiting to bring home.    We have a whole collection of videos and pictures of her, some are from the file our adoption agency sent us, while others are photos we have collected from her orphanage.

It is so hard for us to is such a LONG process to go through to adopt a child Internationally and you just sit and wait.  

NO it is NOT like Pregnancy

Some people have compared the adoption process to pregnancy, no it is NOT the same thing!  Anyone who has not been through this process may not understand, so let me explain.  When you are pregnant your child is tucked snuggly and safely inside of you.  While you may not be able to see your child, your child is with you every moment of everyday.  Your child hears your voice, your heartbeat, and gets to know you as he or she grows inside of you.  Your child is not away from you for one second, but is growing inside of you.  You are still nurturing, loving, and providing for all the needs of your child.

Adoption is very different from this scenario.  Your child is thousands of miles away, clear across the world in another country.  Even if you know your child is being properly cared for and loved by his or her caregivers your child is not near you, is not with you, is not hearing your voice....your child does not even know who you are.   You long to know your child, to hold your child and wait.  You wait as you jump through government red tape over and over again....waiting months for them to go through your paperwork and approve it all while your child´s life goes on another day, another week, another month without you!  The adoption process is not the same and the heart wrenching wait is not easy!

We are Grateful she is in a wonderful orphanage and is in good hands as she waits

Little ¨M¨ is showing her Christmas artwork!  Her orphanage was featured in a magazine in China and all the children were featured along with photos of their artwork.  I know the picture is a little fuzzy but it is a picture of the actual magazine so it isn´t completely clear but I think it is just precious.

Christmas Celebration at the Orphanage

You can see the little reindeer antlers and bells on her wrists.  It is fun to see all the things she is doing in the orphanage as we wait to go pick her up.  It is hard, we want to be with her SO much but we are grateful for the Internet and the ability to receive pictures of her so easily.  

Little M with her Ayi

The word Ayi in Chinese means (Housekeeper, Auntie or Nanny)  

Last Quick Update on our Adoption Process

Our I-800a was sent FedEx overnight on Saturday and should have arrived at the Government office yesterday.  The I-800a is a form you send to the U.S. Government to receive permission to bring a child into the U.S. and for that child to be a U.S. citizen when they arrive.   It takes about 3-6 weeks generally to receive this approval.  It seems like an eternity to wait but I know the time will go quickly.

Once we receive the I-800a approval we will then be able to send our dossier to the CCCWA for authentication.  Once that is completed......We will receive our travel date!

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