Friday, January 29, 2016

Update: USCIS, No Cell Phones & New Pictures.......

Update:  USCIS....Tight Security, no cell phones!

I wanted to take pictures throughout our adoption process of each of the milestones....but when we entered the USCIS office I realized that this was NOT one of the places I would be taking pictures.  You go through security exactly like the airport....remove your belt, watch, put all your belongings in the bin that goes through X-ray, we had to walk through a metal detector etc, lots of guards and signs telling you no cell phone use allowed.... so no pictures of our USCIS fingerprinting appointment.

The USCIS is for immigration, we were being fingerprinted so that we can be approved to bring ´a child´ into the U.S.  Once we are approved our documents go to China!!!!  We are so anxious and excited about that!

Update on Little ¨M¨s birthday package

Her birthday package has not arrive yet :-(  We are not sure what is taking so long but it has not arrived yet.  We ordered it on Dec. 28th, we will update you as soon as we receive the pictures of her opening her package and eating her cake.....

Updated Pictures

Our adoption agency contacted the orphanage to see if her birthday package had arrived and they let her know that it had not.  That same day they sent us some updated pictures of her, we were SO excited to receive them!  She has such an adorable smile!

Right now we will probably wait 10 days or so to receive our final USCIS approval, then our documents go to China which will probably take about 3 months and we will receive our travel date!