Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bedroom Before & After + Pic Updates

Little ¨M¨s Bedroom Before 
This was actually my messy craft room :-)  You can see the sewing machine, crochet thread, yarn, scissors, hobby lobby sack.....all of my crafting things all over in a big mess....

Little ¨M¨s Bedroom After

I want to give a little explanation of the decorations in Little ¨M¨s bedroom because they all have meaning.  Her room isn´t finished, but it is getting close.

The painting at the head of her bed -  Painted by Daddy
Dave actually painted this beautiful picture of a little girl several years ago and we thought it would be beautiful in her room.  We did not plan the colors around this painting but it fit beautifully in her room!

The Bed - This bed is at least 30 years old and has been sitting in Dave´s parents basement for years.  It is an old brass bed, we took it and purchased paint suitable to use on metal and we painted it a beautiful white.

The Dresser -    

Looking at this picture brings back so many memories......This is Kenzi when she was 2 1/2 years old helping Daddy paint her new dresser they found at a yard sale.  This was Kenzi´s dresser until she was about 14 years old.  This dresser was being stored in Grammy´s basement and we picked it up, repainted it the color of the walls in Little ¨M¨s room and it is now hers.

The blanket draped on the Dresser -  Knitted by Mommy   I hand knitted this blanket and just finished it about two weeks ago.  It is called ¨The Tree of Life¨ blanket.  

I hope you can see the beautiful texture in this blanket, it was a lot of fun to knit and has a beautiful leaf edging.  I am also working on a knitted blanket with her name and part of the song ¨You are my Sunshine¨  I will post pictures of that blanket when I finish it.  

The Quilt on Her Bed -    Here it is as we were beginning to sew all the rows together
This quilt was handmade by Me (Mommy), Big sister Kenzi, Aunt Trisha, and Grandma Gerber.  We selected each fabric together at the fabric store, we went back to grandmas and cut each square, we spent an afternoon arranging them in a pattern we liked, pinned them, sewed them all together.  Then Daddy and I went to the store and picked the backing for the quilt and we put it on the quilt frames and tied it.  It isn´t finished yet.......I still have to hand stitch around the edges of the blanket.  This quilt was made with much love and will sit on her bed and wait to snuggle her tight when she comes home.

It brings tears to my eyes as I look at her room and all the history, memories, and work of love that has gone into the decoration of her room.  We spent weeks with paint samples trying to pick just the right colors.....Dave spent hours and hours removing the wallpaper border and painting the room.  We all have put a lot of love and work into her lovely room.  It has been a very helpful process as we wait to be able to pick her up and bring her home.  

I will not lie, it is not an easy wait.....but we know that it will all be worth it when we are finally able to bring her home. 

Little M Picture Update

We are SO grateful to the staff at the Orphanage who continually update us and send us pictures of Little ¨M¨.  I cannot even explain how this puts a big smile on our faces and makes this long wait just a little easier....well easier and a little harder too.  We see that sweet little face and we just want to scoop her up in our arms and take her home.  

Adoption Process Update

Our paperwork is currently at the Chinese Consulate in Washington D.C. being authenticated.  It isn´t always easy to wait.....but we are getting close to our date to China.....that is the next step we are looking forward to.  

We are Learning Mandarin!!

I am about to finish the Level I Rosetta Stone Mandarin....and I have finished the Hello Chinese app.  One thing we say all the time at home is Wo Ai Ni which means I love you.  The other day we went to the Temple open house and there was a beautiful painting and my first thought was Pi was a horse!  I thought wow....the Mandarin words are sticking.

I can tell you, learning Mandarin is NOT easy and there are times I wonder if I will ever figure it out.  When I say sentences I have the bad habit of trying to phrase them like English....but in Mandarin it is often backward but amongst the frustration I know it will come together and I know we will be glad we know basic Mandarin when Little M comes home....we just want her to be as comfortable as she can be. 

I continue to work on this knitted blanket that I designed for is the way that I fill my days as I wait for her.  It is my way of showing my love, I show my love for others by putting my heart into hand-making them something from the heart.....and this little blanket I designed has already taken me 40 or 50 hours of design and knitting.....but it helps me pass the time.

We love you little M and we can´t wait to bring you home.....


  1. Beautiful! From the beautiful painting to the beautiful blanket......what a special room.

  2. Beautiful! From the beautiful painting to the beautiful blanket......what a special room.

  3. That painting...looks like your beautiful girl! There are no coincidences.

  4. That painting...looks like your beautiful girl! There are no coincidences.