Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Little ¨M¨ Received her Birthday Package on Monday!!!

Little ¨M¨ Finally Receives Her Birthday Package......

We received the pictures of little ¨M¨ opening her birthday gifts and eating  her birthday cake today!  The picture above is a pillow with a picture of our family on it.  We know that she cannot see the photo of us, but the orphanage staff can see it and tell her about us.   We know that the orphanage does not tell the children that they have a family until they receive the final Letter of Approval from the Chinese government but they told her that a ´sponsor´ family that loves her wanted to send her a birthday cake and some gifts.   The adoption process is long and so it can be hard for the children so we understand that they have a standard for when they tell the children about their families.   We are getting really close to sending our Dossier to China!

This is little ¨M¨ with the panda bear that came with her package, it has a Momma panda and a baby panda :-)   We hope she liked the gifts in her package.  I wish that we could have customized the package a little bit but this one came with the birthday cake and so we thought it was the best one for her birthday.   We will send her a customized package when we receive our LOA so that we can tell her that we are her family and that we will be coming to get her soon.

Eating Yummy Cake....

Is that not the cutest cake eating face you have ever seen?!?  So cute!  It looks like she is really enjoying the birthday cake we sent for her.   We have been waiting since December 28th to see these pictures!  I was just thinking about her today and wondering when she would receive her package.......I was so excited this afternoon when I opened my gmail and saw an email from the adoption agency with the title...she received her birthday package!

I love this picture of her, it is just so adorable!  We love seeing updated pictures but it also makes us so anxious to be able to just hurry and travel to pick her up......We are coming as fast as we can little one!

Adoption Process Update:

On Monday we received our USCIS approval letter....Dave was seriously standing at the window waiting for the mailman to come.  I was rolling my eyes and kept telling him, they told us it would take 3 weeks, you are going to have to relax!   

Well, apparently I was wrong because when the mailman drove away after delivering the mail and Dave went rushing out the door.....the USCIS approval was in the mailbox!  We were shocked, it only took one week from the time we had our fingerprinting appointment to receive our approval!  We were so excited!

Unfortunately our excitement didn´t last too long before we found out that we were NOT ready to send our Dossier to China just yet....   The Chinese consulate in the U.S. must authenticate all the documents in our second mailer, the U.S. government must also authenticate all the documents before they can be sent to China and this process can take up to three weeks....... 

This did dampen our excitement a bit as we both have been so excited to just have our Dossier sent into China and wait for our FINAL approval and travel date!  We were grateful however that our USCIS approval came two weeks before we were expecting and so the delay was really minor in reality, but still, every delay or unexpected waiting is still hard.  

Our documents arrived to our Dossier specialist this afternoon and she should send them off soon for the next hurdle is receiving the notice that all our documents have been authenticated and are ready to be sent to China.........  Another wait begins......

Wo men ai ni....little ¨M¨

We are learning Mandarin....this means We love you little M.. (Well there are some accents that I do not have on my keyboard so I can´t use them but this is the best I could do :-)

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