Sunday, February 14, 2016

Our Adoption Timeline so far....

Adoption Update

I know many people continue to ask us about our adoption and want to know when we will be traveling.  Often they seem surprised when we say we still have several months ahead of us. I realize that it is hard for people to understand that this is a LONG process.  Think of it in terms of pregnancy, pregnancy takes roughly 9 months...I say roughly because each baby, mother, and pregnancy is different and there is a wide range of normal but that is a story for another day.

International adoption is NOT a quick fact 15 months is considered unusually short for an international adoption.  The typical time frame when adopting a special needs child from any country is about 15-24 months.   Couples who will only accept a specific gender or a child with NO health issues at all can even wait up to 9 years to receive a referral and pick up their child.  

Why Does International Adoption Take So Long?

There have obviously been times I have complained about the long wait and it can be difficult.  There have been times I thought.....¨Why can´t they do this faster?¨  ¨Why are there SO MANY requirements?¨

As I continued to ponder and think about why this is an expensive and lengthy process I started to realize the state of the world that we currently live in and it started to make sense.  As unsavory of a topic as it is human trafficking is an enormous problem.  Along with human trafficking infants and children in poverty stricken areas are being kidnapped and sold through adoption rings.  

Human trafficking is such a problem in our world, these children can end up in the most horrific situations that would probably be beyond what most of us can possibly comprehend.  

As I started to think about the evil that is so pervasive in our world I became grateful that governments are implementing a lengthy process to protect these innocent children from people who would harm them.  

The process is long, all documents are authenticated by both the U.S. government and the Chinese government they want to make sure that all documents are accurate and that the adoptive parents do not have a criminal record etc....  

Essentially, the lengthy process allows the governments to properly authenticate documents and do background checks on prospective adoptive parents for the safety of the children!   

So, when I tell you we still have about 4-5 months left...crossing my fingers!  Understand that we are simply going through this lengthy process for the protection of Little ¨M¨.  

Our Adoption Timeline So Far....

October 30th 2015 -  Application for Adpotion sent to Agency
November 4th 2015 - We received Little ¨Ms¨ file including her medical history
November 19th 2015 - Our Letter of Intent to adopt little ¨M¨ sent to CCCWA in China
November 24th 2015 - Pre-approval received from CCCWA in China to accept our Dossier for Little ¨M¨
December 8th 2015 - Homestudy Complete
January 25th 2016 - USCIS Fingerprinting appointment
February 1st 2016 - USCIS Approval

Ya gotta love Utah.....out of all 50 states Utah is one of only TWO States that does not have a Secretary of State!!!  So our documents had to be sent to D.C. to the Secretary of State to be authenticated, then they will be sent to the Chinese Consulate in D.C. to be authenticated.  This is where we are at.....just waiting for authentication of these final documents so our Dossier will be complete and ready to send to the CCCWA in China.

Lately I have run into a lot of comments and situations that have really made me think about how closed minded people can be and how this process has really opened my eyes to the attitudes of others...... a post for another day....

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