Friday, March 4, 2016

And....We Wait...............

And We Wait..........

Updated Picture:  Little M in the background learning to do some cooking.....

Many of you have asked where we are in the adoption process now and how soon we will be traveling to China.  Well.......we have hit a delay!

When we sent our documents to the Chinese consulate we were unaware that we were missing a required document.  When we were made aware of it we printed it, signed it and sent it back overnight.  This was just over two weeks ago.  When you send documents to the consulate you overnight them to a courier, the courier then hand delivers them the day they are received and then picks then up at the consulate the next day and overnights them back.

We figured this would be a minor setback.....however, for some reason it has turned out to be a lengthy setback and we are not exactly sure why.  The documents were sent over two weeks ago and should have been authenticated and returned by now.

Now before you go accusing us of being just another crazy adoptive couple so frustrated by the adoption process that we become entirely over-dramatic at every delay.........I must make you aware that we have become professional International Adoption Blog Stalkers ;-) 

Well, me not so much but Dave spends his free time reading every blog he can find trying to figure out a reasonable time frame for everything from our date to China to our travel date.  In all his blog stalking he has never seen anyone take this long from I-800 approval to date to China.   This past two weeks has been exceptionally difficult and in the last few days both of us have had this fear that something is wrong.
Did it get lost?  Overlooked?  Something else?

It seems as though it is taking much longer than it should take but we aren´t sure why.  We are trying to remain patient but if it is not back by Wednesday of next week there must be something wrong.  We are praying to have our date to China next week.

What is the ¨Date to China¨?

I know it sounds like this means our date to travel to China, and you have NO idea how much I wish that were the case, but it is not.  Date to China simply means the date that your Dossier is sent to China.  We have been waiting for this for the last month or so........Unfortunately the document that was missed has led to a 3 week delay so far, so we are anxiously awaiting, hoping and praying that our Dossier will be sent to China next week!

I hate to admit but it is hard for me to be patient.  There were many, many years that I waited with the hope in my heart that I would be able to have another child and after NINE long, painful years of waiting and then realizing it was never to be......waiting is excruciatingly painful at this point in my life.  If you have never been through such an ordeal then please refrain from commenting as it probably will just end up in more hurt than help.  

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to adopt and to add another sweet child to our family, however, the long, arduous process has proven to be enough to overwhelm my already raw emotions.  When Dave and I talked about the delay last night, I held back tears and today as I was cleaning, home by myself, I continued to hold back tears.  Somehow it seems as if there is this fear in my heart that this promise of adding to our family will somehow be ripped away too.  I know it seems silly, but when you have been through what I have been through it is so easy to fear that somehow every ounce of the Universe is working against you.   I just pray in my heart that the documents will come back next week and everything will start moving forward again....

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