Friday, March 18, 2016

Darling Video of Little M Singing

Video of Little M Singing in Mandarin

**Please be aware that this video requires a password to protect privacy.  If you would like to view this video contact me via Email, Facebook or Instagram to request the password to view the video.  

I have wanted to share a video with family and friends for quite awhile but I needed to find a way that I could share it without it being available for anyone to view, I found Vimeo and realized that I could upload the video and require a password to view it.  I am thrilled to be able to share this with all of you who are following our adoption.

Small Adoption Update

Our dossier was sent to China last Friday and we are anticipating our Log in Date some time next week.  I thought it might be helpful to outline the average timeline for you so you can understand where we are and what we still have to do before traveling to China to pick up Little M.

Log in Date - This just means that our dossier has been logged in to the CCCWA 7-10 days
Translation - All of the documents in our dossier including a 36 page Home study, birth certificates, marriage licenses, background checks etc..... all have to be translated which is a lot to translate.  3-4 Weeks
Review - Once the documents have been translated they will then review all of our information and ensure that everything is in order.  2-3 weeks
LSC - Letter Seeking Confirmation, this means that our Match with Little M has been approved and our Dossier has also been approved.  

Total Time - 2-3 Months

I-800a - This is the approval for Little M to come into the U.S. 1 month
Article 5 - All immigration papers, documents and letters are sent to the Chinese Consulate to ensure all documents are in order.
Immigrant Visa for Little M

From today until our Travel Date -  Approx. Travel date End of August.

Sometimes it feels like we are nearing the end of the process, but in reality we still have a lot of waiting to do. The translation of our Dossier alone will take a month, so even though we are getting so very close there is a lot of waiting and processing of documents to be done before we receive our approval to travel.

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