Saturday, March 12, 2016

Exciting News........

Dave contacted the adoption agency on Thursday asking if our documents had come back yet.  We anxiously awaited any news....we had been praying all week that our documents would come back this week and that they would be sent to China.

We waited all day Friday and as we were just about to leave to go out to dinner my phone rang and I immediately recognized that it was the adoption agency.  A million thoughts raced through my mind, I wondered if our documents were back or maybe they weren´t yet...... I picked up the phone with a prayer in my heart that it would be good news....

Documents Sent to China 3/11/16

As I picked up the phone anxious to hear the news I was so thrilled I could hardly contain my excitement when I heard her say......¨Your documents are back and are being entered into the China system this afternoon.  They should receive them on Tuesday next week!!!

My first thought was Praise God!  I am so grateful that our prayers were heard and our documents are finally sent to China!    Dave and I were both on cloud nine as we left for our date night Friday night.  We were smiling ear to ear and felt a huge sense of relief that everything was finally sent to China.

We should receive our Log in Date about a week after our documents are received so about a week from March 15th.

It is generally 4 1/2 to 5 months from date to China to travel so we still have quite a bit of time to wait but we celebrate each step closer.

More wonderful News....

Little M is the one sitting down in the black & white shirt

This morning we woke up still thrilled with the news that our documents are finally on the way to China and after a long morning of cleaning, doing a Pilates workout, and spending an hour studying Mandarin I open up Facebook and see that Little M has been placed in an English Immersion program!  How exciting!  It will make it so much easier for her to transition even knowing a little English before we bring her home!

We are studying Mandarin and we are doing very well.  I know how to ask are you hungry, are you thirsty, do you want to go to the park.....we are learning a lot trying to ease her transition and now that she will also be learning English I think it will really make it a little easier.  We are so excited!

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