Friday, April 1, 2016

In Translation.....

Her Smile Warms my Heart!

When I woke up to a text with this picture it melted my heart.  My daughter follows her orphanage on Facebook and so whenever they post a new photo she instantly texts it to me.   For some reason this picture made waiting even harder......We still have many months to wait before we can travel to China to pick up this sweet girl and when I look at her sweet smile it makes it seem like an eternity to wait. 

I know the time will go by quickly and before I know it we will be boarding a plane headed for China, but for now it feels like a long time to wait.

A Surprise Instagram Direct Message

My daughter is the one who manages the Home From China Instagram account so I don´t generally see the direct messages sent to that account.  My daughter said we had received a video of Little M and I was confused, usually if the agency receives a video they email it to Dave and would my daughter know about that?

She explained that someone who followed our adoption Instagram account was at the orphanage and took a video of her and sent it via Instagram direct message.  There were pictures and a short video.  It was SO wonderful to see her, she was happy and jumping around in circles in the video, so cute!

The pictures were of her with a balloon, he told us that she played with and held that balloon all day long.   I was so happy to receive the pictures and video but another part of me longed to be there with her and to be able to see her.  I have played the video several times, just wanting to watch her jumping and happy.....even though it does make my heart ache and long to be able to bring her home. 

I finished Designing and Knitting her Afghan

**I blacked out her name for privacy

I started designing this afghan back in November of 2015, it took me about a month to finish designing it.  Then I started knitting it sometime in December and just finished it 3/24/16.  It took months to design and knit but I am really happy with how it turned out!  

The wait can be difficult and you feel like there is nothing you can do but sit and wait....which is really hard for me to do.  So I decided that designing and knitting an afghan for her would help pass the time.  It really has helped me feel like I was able to do something, even if it didn´t make things go any faster ;-)  I can´t wait to wrap her up in this little afghan when she comes home.

Adoption Timeline Update

Dave and I took a short vacation for our 19 year wedding anniversary and it was while we were there that we were notified that we had our Log in Date on 3/25/16.    Our dossier has been in translation for about one week, we expect it to take another 3 weeks or so to translate and then we expect it to take another couple of months to receive our LOA or LSC which essentially means our approval to adopt little M from the Chinese government.  

The next few months is really just going to be a Big Long Wait.....this is the longest wait of the adoption process.  I suppose I am going to have to do some shopping or more knitting to help pass the time.  I am in the middle of knitting her some darling socks....I might even get adventurous and knit a nice coat.  
We do expect to travel by the end of August......Praying hard that it will be earlier but at least by then.

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