Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Big Announcement...Find out in Today´s post

We Received our ¨Soft LOA or LSC¨ Last Night

What is an LOA/LSC?

In the beginning stages of the adoption you are collecting MOUNDS of paperwork, documents etc...
Including but not limited to:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage License
  • Mission release papers
  • Passports
  • Finger printing and background check at local police station
  • Finger printing at USCIS
  • Finger printing at BCI 
  • Background check in every state or country you have lived in since you were 18 years old
  • All documents must be notarized
  • Bank statements
  • Proof of Net worth notarized
  • Proof of employment notarized
  • Proof of health insurance coverage for adopted child notarized
  • Physcial exam from doctor notarized
  • Blood test results
  • Formal letter of intent to adopt a waiting child
  • Four letters of reference from people who know you
  • Complete homestudy conducted by a Social Worker (2-3 month process)  
  • I-800 approval documents
  • 10 pictures of our family and our home
  • Certificate signifying completion of 12 hours of Hague training for adoptive parents
This is a partial list of all the documents we were gathering for several months in the beginning of our adoption journey...I am sure I have forgotten some but you can see it is a long list.  The homestudy itself ends up being about 30-40 pages long.

ALL of these documents are sent in to the CCCWA or China Center for Children´s Welfare and Adoption.  This large collection of documents (60-100 pages)  is called your Dossier.  All of you who have been following our adoption so far, this dossier is what we were compiling over the first few months of this journey.  Once all documents are complete and notarized it is compiled and sent to the CCCWA for translation.

Obviously all our documents are in this lengthy dossier must be translated into Mandarin.  Translation takes about 3 weeks and then all the documents are reviewed to determine whether you meet the criteria to adopt a child from China.  Many of you have been asking about the adoption in the past two months and essentially.....we have just been waiting, waiting, and waiting some more.  This is the longest wait of the adoption process.....what I call ¨The Big Long Wait¨

The wait is hard because during this time there is nothing more for you to do, you are not getting fingerprinted, collecting documents, having things notarized, having meetings with your social worker etc.... you are just waiting......

PA or Pre-Approval

You may remember the post back in November 2015 where I posted we had received our pre-approval.  We submitted a formal letter of intent to the CCCWA stating that we were seeking to adopt Little M and that we would love her and provide for her needs.   The CCCWA reviews the letter and gives a pre-approval to adopt the child and then gives you a deadline to submit your dossier to be reviewed.

The LSC or LOA

The Letter Seeking Confirmation or Letter of Approval  is the CCCWA’s formal referral of your child to your family. They will issue the LSC after your dossier has been reviewed and approved and they have officially paired your child with your family.  I stated in the title that we have a ¨Soft LSC¨.   This means that the CCCWA has entered into the system that they are issuing the approval but the actual document will be sent to our adoption agency.  When they receive it, they overnight it to us and we must sign it and send it back.  We haven´t received the document yet.....but we have been notified of their issuance of our approval.

Essentially....this LSC or LOA is what we have been working so hard for since November of 2015!   This is the FINAL approval for us and signifies that we are officially matched and approved to adopt Little M!  We are SO excited!!! 

What Happens Now?

Yes we have received our final approval.....but the process isn´t complete yet.  I know, I know it takes forever, trust me I am very painfully aware of how long this is taking :-)

Submit the I-864w & I-800 forms:  These must be submitted to the U.S. immigration office to receive approval to bring Little M into the U.S.  
Approval generally takes 2-3 weeks
DS260 - Application for Little M´s Visa 
Article 5:  This is a document the Consulate issues stating that all of your immigration approvals are up to date and you are approved to adopt your child.  Takes about 2 weeks after the issuance of her Visa.
Travel Approval:  This takes about 2-3 weeks AFTER completion of all these documents and submission of them to CCCWA to receive approval to travel to pick her up.
Departure for China;  This should happen a few weeks after Travel Approval.

As you can see we are still 2-3 months from travel at this point but we are hoping and praying to be able to travel the end of July.....but as you know....We can make plans....but ultimately God is in charge.

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