Saturday, May 28, 2016

Little M Learning about Motorcycles

A group of motorcyclists came to meet the children at Little M's orphanage and let them feel and sit on the motorcycles.  This adorable picture is of little M with one of the motorcyclists who came, what a wonderful opportunity for these children.   We are so excited to be able to go to China in a couple of months and bring this sweet girl home to her forever family!  We are so very happy that she is being well cared for while she waits.

Adoption Process Update

She lost a tooth!  I had to share this update we saw a few days ago of little M without her front tooth.  She is so adorable! It is amazing how hard you work for 9 months to a year to bring these precious ones home during an International adoption!  The love that grows in your heart for this sweet child you work so hard for is indescribable.

We received our I-800a approval, which is the approval for Dave & I to bring a child into the U.S.  Once we received our LSC or approval from the Chinese government to adopt Little M we now have to submit the I-800 to receive approval for little M to come to the U.S.  We sent all documents related to this two weeks ago on Monday, May 31st so we are now in the waiting game again.... waiting for that approval.  It should come anytime this isn't a long wait but it is more waiting none the less.

I know many of you continue to wonder when we will be traveling.....well, there are a few more steps to go through first.  The DS260 (I have no idea what this is), the GUZ#...again, I have no idea what this is or even what government has to issue it....I am hoping we learn what these are soon because they are our next step.

After those we go through the Article 5 drop off....two weeks later is the Article 5 pick up and then you wait for your TRAVEL APPROVAL!

I will update you when we receive our I-800 approval....generally it is only about one week between I-800 approval and the Article 5 drop off so we are moving right along and expect the approval to come in the mail sometime this week.  We are praying that Memorial day doesn't delay it too us every day we must wait is heart wrenching as we have to watch our precious girl grow up in pictures!

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