Monday, June 27, 2016

Exciting News.....

 A Little Update...

The most recent picture of Little M sent to us today!

We have been in contact with Little M's orphanage in the past couple of weeks, we donated the travel funds necessary to take her to her Province for her Visa so she didn't have to be taken back to the orphanage she came from 3 years ago, and we have also sent her a package, a video introducing the family, and....drum roll please.....

We Get to Skype with her...

We were able to schedule a skype call with little M for Wednesday night at 6pm!  We are all so excited and a little nervous to finally get to see her live on a skype call for the first time!   We were able to send her a short video of the family introducing ourselves, I would post it here but it would be WAY too embarrassing!  We had to re-shoot the video a dozen times and finally had to resort to writing down what we wanted to say and reading it :-(  

We all freeze up in front of the camera and couldn't even get a single coherent sentence out...I know totally pathetic but that is just how it is!  I am sure the orphanage staff are getting quite a kick out of our video but we did the best we could with our camera shy selves.  

**If it is possible I will record the skype call and see if I can post some of it on the blog to share with family and friends.

If we can't record it we may just use our phones to get some video of it because I know there will be family who will want to see it.

Travel Update:
We are expecting article 5 pick up on Thursday of this week and once that happens we will be officially in the "Waiting for travel approval phase."    We have seen some families receive travel approval within a couple of days of Article 5 pickup and we have seen some families have payment complications with the CCCWA and who have waited as long as 7.5 weeks!   

We do not anticipate a long wait, we believe the payment issues with the CCCWA have been fixed and we haven't seen anyone complaining of having issues in the past few weeks so hopefully that will not be an issue.  We anticipate that travel approval will take about a week.   Once we receive travel approval we plan to travel within two weeks.  That is a fairly optimistic time frame but it is what we anticipate right now.
We should easily be able to travel by August 4th but we are planning to leave on July 27th.  
I will post an update as SOON as we receive our travel approval!

**Please comment below or on the facebook post if you would like me to record the skype call and post some of it for you to see!

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