Friday, June 3, 2016

I-800 Approval in the Mail!

I-800 Approval in the mail & our File has been sent to the National Visa Center!

We have reached another milestone in our adoption journey!  We had been waiting and waiting to hear from the USCIS about our I-800 and finally Dave in all his patience decided to email them and ask about the status of our I-800 application.  Sometimes I roll my eyes at his impatience :-)  and sometimes I am so grateful that he has the courage to contact government offices and ask, because I sure wouldn't.

We received an email back within hours stating that our I-800 approval had been issued on May 31st and the approval letters are in the mail on their way to us!  YAY!  Happy Day!  The I-800 process begins when you submit an I-800a form to the immigration office seeking approval for you as a couple to bring a child into the U.S.  Then once you receive your LSC or final approval from the CCCWA to adopt your child you then submit the I-800 to receive approval for your adopted child to come to the U.S.  

Our file has been sent to the National Visa Center and within a few days we should receive an email to fill out a DS-260 online visa application.  Once we have completed the application and received approval we move to the Article 5 submission.

Article 5 - documents will be dropped off at the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou, China by a courier and then they will be picked up two weeks later.   After our documents are picked up......we will then wait for Travel Approval!

We are SO close!!

I have gone through a range of emotions since we received our LSC and the reality of the adoption started to sink in.   There are moments of absolute excitement and anticipation but those moments sometimes are followed by anxiousness and concern.

It may be hard to understand if you haven't been through this process, but, you must realize that even though our entire family is over the moon excited and we are whole-heartedly in love with this little girl.... she does not know us.  We are complete strangers to her and I wish with all my heart that this would be an amazing experience for her but it will more than likely be frightening.   You have to accept the reality that these children will go through a period of grief, loss, and fear......this is a hard aspect of adoption but it is a part of every adoption, even newborn adoption.   It is something you need to understand and recognize so that you can be loving, supportive, and understanding as your child goes through this transition and learns what it is to have a family and that you truly do unconditionally love them.  

We pray every night for Little M and we pray that God will prepare her and that He will help ease her transition.  We are blessed that the orphanage she lives at is very good at telling the children they have a family and preparing them so that it isn't a complete shock.  We are so grateful for this!  

We received approval to SKYPE with Little M!

I am a little nervous as my Mandarin is not very good.  I study Mandarin about 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day and have been studying since November but it is still hard for me.  We are very excited though to be able to talk to will be amazing to see her live.  

We should be traveling to China in the next 6 weeks!

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