Thursday, June 30, 2016

Our First Skype Call with Little M

Skype Call with Little M

**A short 1 min. video clip of the call is at the bottom of this page.

I cannot even begin to describe to you how excited and nervous I was to be able to skype with little M!  I could hardly sleep the night before, I had so many things going through my mind...questions to ask the orphanage staff, and many sentences in Mandarin as well.  As the day went on I kept trying to think of what to say, wondering if she would be able to understand my Mandarin.

We received an email from the orphanage saying they had told Little M that she had a family: 

 MāmaBàba,  (Jiějie) older sister and (Gēge) older brother.  They said she smiled really big and seemed excited but didn't say much.  We found out later that she went back into her classroom and told all her friends that she had a family.  She was very excited!  I cannot tell you how much joy this brought into my heart to know that she was excited to know she had a family.

My mom and sister arrived about 15 minutes before the call, they both wanted to be here to see her.  We were trying to get Skype set up on the laptop in the living room....I tend to be very quiet and reserved when I am nervous but I really wanted to talk to her so much.   We were fidgeting with the computer when the call came through......I thought my heart would jump out of my chest when I saw sweet little M sitting in a chair playing with a plastic shovel on the laptop screen.

"Oh my goodness, there she is, that beautiful, sweet little girl of mine!"

I will never be able to describe to you that moment I first saw her, live, sitting in front of me.  I wanted so much to jump through that laptop screen and just hold that little girl in my arms and never let her go!  As my heart was so full of love for her and as I was about to just exclaim, "Hello, sweet girl, mommy loves you!"  Dave and the orphanage worker began talking and I sat with my heart almost ready to burst.

"A" who was the orphanage staff member who Skyped with us talked a lot with us, told us a lot about what Little M does everyday in school and what she was learning.

When she told Little M she was going to talk to her family she ran to her room and got the teddy bear we had sent to her and brought it with her.   There have been so many moments that have just taken my breath away and this was one of them, seeing her holding the little bear we had sent to her, knowing that she loved it because it was from us.

We learned more about Little M:

"A" told us that when they ask little M what she wants to do outside (even if they say do you want to swing or swim)  She will always say 'trampoline'.  She loves to jump on the trampoline.

She likes to swing on a swing set but is still afraid of going down a slide because she can't see where she is going.

She does ride horses for therapy sometimes and does enjoy riding horses.

They said at snack time she really likes to eat apples and bananas but if they do not have apples or bananas she will let you know that she does not want oranges or other juicy fruits.

In school she has music time, P.E. which is mostly dancing and active movement for the kids, she has orientation and mobility where she learns how to use her cane and orient herself in the environment around her.  We learned that she is really good at using her cane to get around familiar places, she can get around the school and her apartment very well with her cane but still hasn´t learned how to use her cane in unfamiliar environments yet.  She will cling to you really tightly in unfamiliar places because she is nervous.

When we pick up little M she will bring:

A backpack with a couple changes of clothes, her favorite snacks so we know what she likes to snack on for the trip, and all the items we sent to her.  As she travels to America with all her belongings in the world on her back in a backpack she will be gaining a Mother, Father, Big sister, Big brother, grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins..... a Family!  She will no longer be an orphan, the greatest form of poverty known in the world....she will be a daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter and most of all, she will be LOVED!

At first we talked mostly with ¨A¨ from the orphanage because Little M was being so shy :-)  Then in a moment of silence Dave says, ¨Her name,Nǐ xǐhuān píngguǒ ma?" (Do you like apples?)

You should have seen her little face just light up, she was smiling ear to ear.  She shyly hid her face behind the shovel she was holding and said, xǐhuān, which means yes.  Actually it means ¨like¨ but in Mandarin when you are giving an affirmative answer you repeat the verb.

 Then he asked  ¨ Her name, Nǐ zài zuò shénme?  (What are you doing?)
She just smiled and started humming a song, she LOVES to sing!

We were able to talk to her and ¨A¨ for just over a half an hour and then she let us know that she would be willing to Skype with Little M and us every week until we come!  We were so excited.   We said our Goodbyes, (Zàijiàn) and the call was over.

My head was spinning, I was on cloud just made this all so real in my mind.  I would be willing to move mountains to get to that sweet little girl!  My heart was so full of joy and love for her I just wanted to talk about her all night long.  As we sat in the living room talking about the call, Cam yells, Dad she is trying to contact us again!

Dave went over to see and she had messaged us:

Little M didn´t want to go back to class, she wanted to keep talking to Bàba!  It brought tears to my eyes to see those words.  ¨A¨ told her she could call us again in a few days and then she went back to class with the assurance that she could talk to us again.

Sweet little M has stolen our hearts!  

Enjoy this sweet little 1 min. clip

I promise when we Skype with her again next week I will get another video of her...we may even try to find some downloadable program to record it so we can share more with you!


  1. Oh Tandi, this is so wonderful! It brought happy tears to my eyes! I am so happy for you & your sweet family. She is yhe luckiest the world, to be apart of your amazing family! :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. What a blessing to feel her excitement . And yours too. Can't wait to meet her.