Saturday, July 9, 2016

Life´s Setbacks and Delays......

Reflections on Life´s Setbacks

This picture beautifully illustrates how nearly 6200 miles separate us and yet our hearts are so inextricably linked and how we desire so much to be together.   I wish I could say today´s post was going to be full of exciting news, but unfortunately, today brought with it difficult news, setbacks, and delays.

As I sat and listened to Dave ask me on the phone, ¨How are you feeling emotionally right now?¨  I thought, oh no, here it comes..... My heart was racing wondering what he would say, how bad would the news be?

As I reflect on this experience I realized that this situation relates so much to life.  We are going along, everything seems to be on track and going smoothly and then BAM....something broadsides you.  Sometimes it is a BIG setback and other times it may be minor even though inside it is still painful.  How do we make it through these setbacks and delays in life?

As I have gone through life, I have realized that nothing has ever really been a total surprise to me.  I always knew inside that something wasn´t right and felt as though something was going to happen.  The Lord warns us and prepares us if we are in tune and listening.  I won´t say today´s setback and delay was some major life altering event, however, it is still heart wrenching and difficult.  I knew something was wrong when we were never given an Article 5 pick up date....

Our Article 5 was scheduled to be picked up exactly one week ago and we were told that we were in the Travel approval phase, the last little bit before travel, just waiting for the CCCWA to give us approval to travel.  I knew in my heart something wasn´t right, I knew that our article 5 had not been picked up as much as I so desperately wanted to believe it was. 

Dave received an email today notifying us that the agency had failed to include Little M´s certificate of abandonment in our paperwork when it was first submitted three weeks ago!!   The document has been sent and arrived at the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou yesterday.  It looks as though we are now facing another 2 week delay, which puts our total adoption delays at nearly 2 months!  I will not pretend that it was not hard news to hear.  Last week we Skyped with Little M for the first time, we talked to her and watched her giggle, hum, sing, and play with her toys.  We saw her holding the bear we sent to her for her birthday.  After that call I cannot tell you how much I wanted to be able to leave that minute to go pick her up!

I do not claim to understand God´s timing because often it is heart wrenching to wait upon the Lord and His timing.  I have waited for this child for nearly 10 years, praying, pleading, and waiting so I will not say that this is easy to continue to experience delays and setbacks along the way, it´s not.  I know that God knows better than I do and no matter how hard it may be I have to trust Him.  We have prayed that things would go smoothly through this last leg of the adoption process but for whatever reason God had other plans.

We have watched other families sit and wait for travel approval for weeks and even months because of payment processing issues and we were frightened to the core of this happening to us.  This Travel Approval phase lately has been riddled with payment processing issues, delays and heartaches for dozens of families.  We have been fasting, praying and pleading with God that this process will go smoothly.   It was tough news today but I am holding out hope that things will all work out okay and go smoothly from here.  

We will have a new article 5 pick up date issued tomorrow and I pray our agency will actually contact us and let us know what that is.  

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