Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Blessing of Unanswered Prayers.....

Adoption Update......Major Delays!
I have not updated the blog regarding the delays we have experienced because I really wanted to remain positive and feature the amazing adoption showers and all the wonderful gifts we had received.  I really 
didn´t want to post publicly about the delays we have been experiencing....but last night I realized that even though it has been heart wrenching to go through...this last experience literally brought me to my knees in gratitude to my Heavenly Father for unanswered prayers.  

The Delay:

We were told that our Article 5 (documents for the U.S. Consulate to review to approval Little M´s immigration to the U.S.)  was dropped off on June 16th.

This process is a standard 14 days, it is dropped off and picked up two weeks later.  It is expected to be straightforward.  Well, ours was not, two weeks went by and we were not notified of pick up as is expected.  Nearly a week later we found out that our Article 5 packet was missing her Abandonment Certificate and so we waited two weeks for that document to arrive and then to be translated and FINALLY it was resubmitted on July 14th.

We were hoping that the consulate would NOT make us wait another two weeks.....well guess what...they DID!  Article 5 pick up is scheduled for July 28th!  A total of a 5 week delay!!!

Unanswered Prayers

In the evenings Dave and I have talk time where we talk about life, frustrations, happy things, whatever.  During this time, in the past two months, we both discussed how we were NOT worried about the Article 5 but we prayed and prayed and prayed that Travel Approval would go quickly.  We have seen Travel Approval take anywhere from 2 days to two months!  That is what we worried about.  We had fasted and prayed that things would go smoothly as we already have had a two month delay earlier in the process, we could have traveled in May without any delays.

Obviously you can tell that our prayers were not answered, we have experienced a 5 week delay all while pleading and praying that things would go smoothly and quickly.  We have been skyping with Little M and just can´t wait to get to China!

I wish I could tell you that I patiently waited on the Lord´s timing but in all honesty I haven´t been patient at all.  In fact, I have often said I don´t understand why God would want a child to go one extra day without a family...I do NOT understand this at all!  Why the delay?  Why is this happening?  Why is God not answering our prayers?

I tried to humble myself and pray to understand why God was not answering our prayers and boy did I get an answer.............

****Before I tell you the blessing....please understand that if we had not had any delays and everything had happened on an ideal timeframe: 
we would have traveled sometime around July 21st.

The Blessing of Unanswered Prayers....

**Yes these people are standing on a BUS!

We were supposed to have a Skype call with Little M on Wednesday night at 7pm.  We had heard nothing about the flooding in you notice the news report is from the U.K.  None of the U.S. news outlets had reported about this.   Well....we never received a call Wednesday night.....we didn´t know why.  We went to Macey´s to get Raspberry Dole Whip and while we were there Dave received an email from ¨A¨ from the orphanage saying that Beijing was flooded and they had been without power for an entire day and she did not know when the power would be back on.  She also said all the kids were safe.

I searched online and saw all the photos of Beijing and it hit me all at once.....God Knew Better than I!

In all our fasting and praying for a quick travel approval we would have never known that if we had received a quick travel approval we could have been flying into a flooded city and it is very possible we would have been in country longer and had many delays and issues while in the country due to flooding!  As I had been whining and complaining about delays and wondering why.....asking God why?  He gave me quite the humbling answer!

I learned quite a lesson last night in patiently waiting upon the Lord and His timing!  He had something better in store....we never would have known.  I am so grateful that I received an answer to my question why?

Not everyone receives an answer to why some things happen but I can tell you that now I understand that God has a purpose in ALL things even if we can´t see it.  

I am still praying that things will go quickly from here on out.....We are now planning on travel probably around the third week of August but that could change depending on how quickly we receive travel approval.   We were told after we received LSC that worst case scenario would be travel the first week of August so we are already beyond that :-(

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