Thursday, August 18, 2016

Travel is nearing.....Nesting has set in BIG TIME!

Mom has gone nuts!

Yes, this is a picture of my newly cleaned fridge.....this is only one small example of my Nesting craze!  This has been a very new experience for me, I did NOT have any nesting with either of my Bio kids!  I am wondering if it is because they were both born early at 36 weeks.  The doctor removed the cerclage, I was dilated to 4 or 5cm and then labor came quickly after that.   I don´t think my body had time to register that baby was coming, because me and baby were not ready.  

Essentially, I have nagged hubby to pull out the washer and dryer out so I can clean behind them, pull down the blinds so I can wash them, I have organized closets, cupboards, drawers, and even bought new comforters for the beds.  I have washed walls, baseboards.....yes, it has become a little nuts!!  :-)

I think my Bio kiddos are probably glad they have been busy working this week....otherwise I would have been ¨Mommy Nazi¨ making them pick up every crumb after themselves......

I has been quite an experience for me....for any of you who wonder if adoptive mom´s have nesting instincts I can tell you....YES  absolutely!    

Packing & Travel Tips

In my search of travel tips I have come across some AMAZING tips that I thought I would share for those going on extended International trips or for adoption travel...

  • Unplug all small appliances to save on electricity
  • Rinse out sinks with 1/2 c. vinegar and water or bleach to push through debris and prevent smells
  • Put 1 c. bleach in each toilet to prevent a ring from forming and reduce smells
  • Call post office to stop mail or have a neighbor pick up your mail for you
  • Change thermostat to 5 degrees colder or warmer than normal 
  • Have neighbor or family check front porch for packages
  • Two weeks before travel stop buying produce and make meals around using up all produce in the fridge.
  • Plan to use up all bread, baked goods and perishable food before travel
  • A few days before travel, wash all bedding
  • The night before you leave change the sheets on all the beds so you can come home to fresh clean beds.
  • Three days before travel do all the laundry, pack what you need and put away the rest.  You will have plenty of laundry when you get home you don´t need to have more waiting for you at home

These are my travel tips so far.....I will update it as I go.  I will also post our packing list and then I will do a post to tell you what we used and what we didn´t it would have been so nice for me to see a realistic packing list and know what people used or needed.  Most packing lists for International adoption are for toddlers and so they did not apply to me...

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