Monday, August 1, 2016

We Are Going to China......Travel Approval!!!

Travel Approval 8/1/16
We are Going to China!

I can hardly put into words the emotions that we are feeling right now!  This morning I was studying Mandarin on Rosetta Stone and Dave was on a Conference call for work.  He saw the adoption agency calling on his phone...he hesitated because he was supposed to talk on the conference call next...but he decided to answer the call anyway.  He came running upstairs to me and unfortunately I was in the middle of the speaking section so I put my finger up to tell him hold on a second....... Ooops!!  

I had NO idea what he wanted....he finally said it is the adoption agency on the phone and I immediately took my headphones off and listened.  I could not believe what I heard....we had TRAVEL APPROVAL!    

Article 5 Pick up:  7/28/16
Travel Approval:   8/1/16

That is EXTREMELY fast!   People have been asking me if I had started packing yet, I thought they were nuts.  I handle things as they come, I don´t usually plan ahead unless I KNOW what is happening.  Well, obviously they were smarter than me because this is all happening SO very fast!

** If you would like to follow our travels through China please take note.....

**I will NOT be posting on this blog until we return home from China!

If you would like to follow our adventure as we travel to China we will be posting pictures, videos, and updates on a Private Blog.    You are welcome to request access to the private blog so that you can follow along.  I will NOT be posting updates on Facebook while we are in China either due to Privacy issues.

Emotions are All over the place....

Up until today everything has seemed so far off.....we were going to travel to China..... someday.  It was like a far off dream that would happen sometime in the future.  It is easy to think about how excited you will be when you finally get Travel Approval before it happens!  I never realized that excitement was not the only emotion that comes along on this journey.

We began this journey submitting our application to adopt on October, 30th 2015.  We were matched with this sweet girl on Nov. 17th 2015.  The majority of this long, nine month journey was mounds of paperwork, running around town getting marriage licenses, fingerprinting at three different government offices, birth certificates, passports, mailing documents, homestudy, collecting reference letters and lots and lots of waiting....

In all the hustle and bustle of paperwork and then waiting, waiting and waiting some more...I never thought much about how I would feel when it was all over.  It took me a little by surprise that I was so nervous, anxious, excited, happy, all at one time, it was a bit overwhelming to say the least.   There is SO much to be done before we leave....I don´t feel ready and yet if they offered, I would still hop on a plane tomorrow if I could. 

I am often told that I am somehow ´lucky´ because I didn´t have to be pregnant.  Pregnancy to me is a beautiful experience..knowing that a little baby is being created inside of you, that you are a part of creating life and bringing that little life into this world is absolutely amazing.  Sure it is hard, nausea, swollen feet, back aches, but I would take it all because there is SO MUCH more about pregnancy that is beautiful, miraculous and amazing.   Unfortunately in our society we don´t celebrate the miraculous creation of life like we should.

Adoption is different than pregnancy but I wouldn´t call it easier by any stretch of the imagination.  It is another absolutely amazing, miraculous experience but at the same time it tugs and pulls at your heart in every way possible, there are triumphs, set backs, struggles and is not an easy process but at the same time it is a beautiful experience.  I don´t think anything in life worth doing is ever easy or a walk in the park but then if it were, would it really be so miraculous?

I am nervous, I am happy, I am anxious, I am thrilled, my heart is racing, my hands are shaking, I am excited.....I don´t know what the future holds but I believe it will be much of the same.....full of love, joy, triumphs, set backs, delays, heart ache, happiness, excitement...all the emotions bundled into one amazing journey led by the hand of God.

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  1. Yea!! I am in the airport reading this and so excited for you !

    I would love to be added to the private blog! Safe Travels