Saturday, September 10, 2016

Home Day 2: It is 3am and I´m hungry for dinner

Good Evening/Good Morning Jet Lag

It is 3am and I am wide awake rocking in the rocking chair in Little Miss room.....she is wide awake as well.  Yay Jet Lag!  Ugh....after last night I thought I would be fine and so I did not take melatonin...BIG MISTAKE!  I woke up at 2:45 am hungry for dinner......It is 4:45pm in China!  We usually eat dinner at around 5pm and so here I am awake and ready for dinner...only it is 3am!

I had been laying in bed for a little while...listening to little miss stirring in bed as well as my stomach growling insisting that it is dinner time.  My mind was racing through thoughts and reflections that I thought I would share with you.  I have been reflecting on the way we treat newborns and children in our world and how much hurt we cause to the most vulnerable little ones in the world.  My heart aches for all the children who are abandoned and then put in orphanages suffering unimaginable trauma!  I wish I could heal the world, I wish that every child could grow up with BOTH biological parents and that NO child would have to suffer grief and loss of any parent, ever!

I know we do not live in a perfect world.....but...we can change the way we treat orphans....they need to be in families and we need to find a way for EVERY child to be able to live in loving families not in orphanages.  I know that is a big prayer for these little ones but it is the only way to ease the trauma and pain that they suffer!   Okay, enough of my ramblings for now....

3am Dinner Time

I woke up hungry at 2:45 am.....I laid in bed and heard little miss stirring so I waited and then she started calling out so I went to her room...she was half awake and hungry which led to a small melt down.  My husband came in because she did NOT want me.  She was calling for Baba so he came in and she was asking for food.  Even though I know if you eat in the middle of the night it will make jet lag worse you CANNOT convince a six year old that they are not hungry, nor should you refuse food to a hungry child EVER!   It isn´t about convenience, it is about creating a safe, loving environment.  This also goes for newborns....NONE of us are hungry at the same time every day and neither are babies or children.  Some days we don´t have an appetite while other days we feel ravenous and this is no different for growing babies or children, in fact it is more pronounced for them and if we refuse to feed them when they are hungry we simply create lack of trust and mental health issues and so.......

Cereal for Dinner at 3 am or 5 pm according to our bodies that are still on China time!

If you were unfortunate enough to be up at 3 am you would have seen the lights on in our house, Dave and Gracie at the kitchen table eating cereal, me on the computer...... after cereal for ´dinner´ we turned out all the lights and took her back to her room but she kept yelling NO SHUI JIAO or No sleep....

So Dave rocked her in the rocking chair and I laid in her bed and we visited.   The entire time she has been with us she has been used to hearing us talk before bed so this is ´normal´ for her.  She started to fall asleep and would drop her ´Ji´ and then she would cry.  At about 5am we realized this was not going to work and we needed some off we all go into our bed.

Dave and Gracie fell right to sleep at 5:30.....I could not.  I didn´t fall asleep until 6:30 am and so I slept util 9:30am  I NEVER sleep in!!!  

Breakfast at 10 am......

I got up at 9:30 and went downstairs to make some ´Roll up pancakes¨ Crepes for the family.  My head felt like it would explode, it was so foggy but I had to get up otherwise this jet lag will NEVER go away.....

Gracie woke up at about 10:30 and Kenzi hand fed her crepes and she ate.  She was in a good mood and so off they went to the park while I took a shower.  There is NO food in this house because we had to get rid of all food before leaving so it wouldn´t spoil.  Last night we had spaghetti and grocery store french bread because that is all I could find to make.

We will be going grocery shopping, hopefully little miss will be happy for will be an adventure but it must be done!

First Time at the Park

She loved the park....came home and wanted crackers...I thought she was hungry.....NOPE....she wanted to smash them all over the kitchen and living I pull out the vacuum because I can´t stand a mess!  Well, that was too much for her so she started repeating.....Shui Jiao or sleep!  

Bed is her safe place if things get too over-stimulating and so here I sit in her bedroom listening to Disney songs on CD while she sings and lays in bed playing with her Jis......which is just fine with me.

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