Saturday, October 29, 2016

Little Miss Two Months Home Amazes Us All!

Love & Family Work Miracles

Nickel City riding in the Semi-truck....she rode this for over an hour and loved it!!

This month has been easier than the first month home.....we finally found a way to get Little Miss to sleep through the night and it has made a HUGE difference!   She didn't say much in Mandarin or English when she first came home....her communication was limited to "I need to go potty"   "I'm Hungry"  "Zhao Dao" 
and crying.....

In the last month she has LOVED learning and she will sit at the kitchen table while I teach her English and she just absorbs it.  I will say a phrase in Mandarin like "Shū tóufa"   and then I will say... Brush your hair and she will copy me over and over.   Throughout the day she will repeat both the Mandarin and the English and when I brush her hair she will also repeat them over and over again....she is learning so fast!

She has learned to say on her own:

  • I want to go downstairs
  • I want the trampoline
  • Change your clothes
  • Brush your teeth
  • Brush your hair
  • I want a drink of water
  • I want a juice box
  • I want noodles
  • I want honeycomb
  • I want a drink of water
  • I want music
  •  Gei Ni hug (give you hug)
  • Get in the tub
  • I want to swing
  • I want to spin  (she wants you to spin her in circles)
  • Hold me please
  • Help me please
  • Ride in the car
  • Ride in the wagon
  • I want to pick a tomato
  • All done pick a tomato
  • Wash your hands
  • wash your face
  • and many more.....
She is quite entertaining, she has learned to bark from hearing the dogs and so she will go around barking and then say, "Toby, No"  or "Rosie, No"  She does this in public a lot....people must think she is a little off her rocker :-D

She has conversations with her toys, the toy will say "Hi" to her and then she will say "I love you lid"  She hears I love you all the time from all of us so now she tells all her toys that she loves them :-)  It is SO cute~!
Sometimes she will have a little conversation and say, "Hi, I'm hungry.  Are you hungry.  Yeah.  Okay.  Good job."

Gei Ni Hug

She wanted to snuggle with me in the morning after giving me a hug and so we sat in the chair snuggling...I had so much cleaning, laundry, dishes to do and yet....snuggling is more important so if you come to my house and see floors that need vacuuming, dishes that need to be done or piles of laundry.....This picture is the reason my house is not as clean and I would like it to be!   Keeping your priorities straight is important.....loving a child is far more important than a spotless house!

Little Miss new favorite thing in the world is HUGS! <3  This child absolutely loves hugs!  She does NOT like strangers and so she does not hug anyone outside of our immediate family right now but she asks for hugs constantly.

Here is a short description of my morning.....go into Little miss bedroom to get her out of bed...Good morning...are you ready to get out of bed?    Yeah, all done bed.   Gei Ni Mama Hug.... 

We walk downstairs and she is jumping in the living room and I walk into the kitchen to start breakfast....
Gei Ni Mama Hug....I flip around before reaching the kitchen to give her a hug and a snuggle....back to the kitchen I go.  I get out a pan or a bowl and start to get breakfast and I hear....Gei Ni Mama Hug....
Back I go into the living room for a hug and a snuggle.....back to the kitchen.

I begin again to get breakfast ready....I pour, get out a spoon, and again I hear Gei Ni Mama I go back to the living room for a hug.  

When loading the dishwasher I get 2 or 3 dishes loaded between hugs :-)   Thank Heavens Dave works from home in the mornings so she switches between the two of us when he is home...Gei Ni Baba Hug and he comes running to give her hugs.   When ....Pause.....(I just heard Gei Ni Mama Hug from the living room so off I go for a hug)  and...I'm back!

When all four of us are home she switches off....Gei Ni Kenzi hug....then Gei Ni Camdyn Hug.....  
Don't even think about asking for a hug...if you do she will tell you NO Gei Ni Hug!!!  You have to wait your turn...LOL  (Pause...I just heard Gei Ni Mama Hug from the living room again)   and......I am Back....

Whew....Dave just came down and took her out to pick a tomato from the garden so I can have a break and finish my blog...   

Rock-a-Bye Little Miss

I rock her to sleep every night in the rocking chair and she LOVES it.  We put her jammies on and she automatically backs into me wanting to get in the rocking chair and then she asks for her blanket and says I want music.

She listens to the frozen soundtrack while I rock her to sleep.  She will fall completely asleep as Dave and I talk while I rock her and then I put her in bed and she will say half asleep...."Good night, I love you"   It just melts my heart!

Please Don't be Offended

She is VERY talkative at home and sings and talks constantly....but in public and around strangers she is very quiet and shy.   She is NOT a fan of strangers and so she will often become very quiet and then out of the blue she will start Yelling  "Bye Bye"  

She becomes agitated if people she doesn't know talk to her and she may start crying or she may yell at you.  Don't be offended she is just frightened and nervous.  In her little world the last time two strangers came and started talking to her they took her away from all she knew.  She does not understand that she is with her forever family and so she doesn't know what a stranger is going to do and so she becomes afraid and will yell and cry.

We LOVE to have visitors and would love to talk to you about her and she is happy to say hi to you quickly but too much interaction or asking her questions may frighten her.  It is best to say Hi to her and then talk with us so that she feels safe.  Hopefully in time she will be more open talking to strangers....but please don't avoid us :-)

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