Thursday, January 19, 2017

Opthamalogist appointment yeilds unexpected good news!

Little Miss has been home for just over four months and she is learning so quickly.   We put off any medical appointments, dental appointments or any stressful things for several months to give her time to adjust.  We decided that an appointment with the opthalmologist would be a good first appointment because it was non-invasive and would be the least scary for her. 

She had her first doctors appointment with the Opthalmologist on January 13th 2017.  We really were not expecting much at this appointment, in fact, we were nervous about taking her.  We really felt that it would probably be traumatic for her and really not yield much benefit.   Little miss has micropthalmia, no iris and is completely blind.  We knew that for sure and so we didn't really know if the trauma of the appointment would be worth it.

Mandarin Translator


We hired a Mandarin translator to come to the appointment to explain everything to her.  When he arrived and started talking to her she clenched her fists as tight as she could and sat as still as a statute and would NOT respond to his questions at all.  He noticed her response and asked if she had been traumatized in China.

We told him that we did not know anything specific other than the trauma of being abandoned at three years old and living in an orphanage.  She did not seem comforted by hearing Mandarin at all.  We have had a half a dozen Mandarin speakers try to talk to her and she is very shy and will not speak back to them.  I do feel it was good to have him there because he would explain to her that they were going to look at her eyes and that it wouldn't hurt.  I think just knowing what was happening comforted her because she really didn't seem bothered by the exam.

Eye Ultrasound

© Nevit Dilmen via Wikimedia Commons

The doctor decided to ultrasound her eyes, she warned us that it is common with micropthalmia for the eye to not have formed properly, she said it could be like everything is just all jumbled around in there.  However, when she did the ultrasound she found that Little Miss Eyes are actually perfectly formed inside....just very small.

Her retina was attached and everything looked good.  The reason that she has no vision is not because of the is because blood vessels and the white of the eye grew over the front of her eye blocking her vision.   She took pictures of Little Miss's eyes and said that she was going to send them to a specialist to see if Little Miss would be a candidate for a Cornea transplant.

She warned us that because of the micropthalmia and the severity of the blood vessels and white of the eye she may not be a candidate but she would speak with the specialist to find out.

We Received the Call Today.....Little Miss may be a Candidate for a Cornea Transplant

We will schedule an appointment with the specialist to discuss benefits, risks and then decide if a cornea transplant is the best option for her.   The biggest hurdle for the cornea transplant if we determine it is the best option for her is the high price tag!!!

We are still paying $420 per month on an adoption loan...OUCH!  We are not sure how we would be able to pay for it....but we are just going to take it one step at a time.   We are just excited at even the possibility of restoring some sight for her......I will keep you updated and let you know what the specialist says!